The Triffids - Calenture [CD]

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Disc 1

1. Bury Me Deep in Love

2. Kelly's Blues

3. A Trick of the Light

4. Hometown Farewell Kiss

5. Unmade Love

6. Open For You

7. Holy Water

8. Blinder By T!he Hour

9. Vagabond Holes

10. Jerdacuttup Man

11. Calenture

12. Save What You Can

13. Baby Can I Walk You Home

14. Region Unknown

15. Love The Fever

16. Bad News Always Reminds Me Of You

17. Everything You Touch Turns To

Disc 2

1. Bury Me Deep In Love (Rehearsal Demo)

2. Kelly's Blues (Rehearsal Demo)

3. A Trick Of The Light (Rehearsal Demo)

4. Hometown Farewell Kiss (Rehearsal Demo)

5. There Must Be A Curse On Me (Studio Demo)

6. Open For You (Rehearsal Demo)

7. Burned (Studio Demo)

8. Blinder By The Hour (Rehearsal Demo)

9. Vagabond Holes (Rehearsal Demo)

10. Jerdacuttup Man (Rehearsal Demo)

11. Save What You Can (Studio Demo)

12. Calentura (Original Demo)

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