Martyn Brabbins - Holbrooke/Wood: Piano Concertos Audio CD

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Track List:
1. First Movement: Maestoso Allegro - Open the gates of mirrored horn!
2. First Movement: Animato - Ye guards of my hold whom wanderers fear
3. First Movement: a tempo - Harness a steed from the gnomes dark fields
4. First Movement: a tempo - Vapour of night be thou my shield
5. First Movement: Swift through the dell where the young bats wake
6. First Movement: a tempo - The armies of the night are abroad
7. First Movement: Tempo primo - Here lies the field that was laid to our hand
8. First Movement: Deep in the mould lies the golden helmed all
9. First Movement: Piu mosso al fine - No spectre of them will answer my call
10. Second Movement: Poco adagio con sentimento - Faint as the faith of our people long dying
11. Second Movement: Tempo poco Allegretto Poco Scherzando - Clotted of shadows he comes to my hest
12. Second Movement: Tempo 1 - Daughter of Lear
13. Second Movement: O God of our torment lean down and decide that we shall never meet again
14. Third Movement: Allegro, molto fuoco - Blade that meets blade with never a sound
15. Third Movement: Face me afresh though the night hour fails
16. Third Movement: Tempo poco Larghetto - Back to your grave
17. Third Movement: Tempo primo - Break back from the battle
18. Third Movement: Away from this land, Fairy folk all
19. Third Movement: Poco lento - Flit ye away while the shadows mate Branch and blest earth
20. Third Movement: L'istesso tempo (Doppio) 0 For scorn follows fast on the Fairy King's fate
21. Third Movement: Cadenza
22. Third Movement: Grandioso - brillante - She was the most splendid maiden
23. Maestoso e moderato - Tranquillo - Cadenza - Allegro
24. Andante - Allegretto Tranquillo - Andante
25. Finale: Vivace

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