The Greatest Hits of 1954 Audio CD

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Track List:
Disc 1
1. Rags To Riches (David Whitfield) - David Whitfield
2. Blowin Wild (Frankie Laine) - Frankie Laine
3. Cloud Lucky Seven (Guy Mitchell) - Guy Mitchell
4. Dragnet (Ray Anthony) - Ray Anthony
5. Thats Amore (Dean Martin) - Dean Martin
6. I See The Moon (The Stargazers) - The Stargazers
7. The Happy Wanderer (Orbernkirchen Childrens Choir) - Orbernkirchen Childrens Choir
8. Tennessee Wig Walk (Bonnie Lou) - Bonnie Lou
9. Dont Laugh At Me (Norman Wisdom) - Norman Wisdom
10. Bell Bottom Blues (Alma Cogan) - Alma Cogan
11. Secret Love (Doris Day) - Doris Day
12. Such A Night (Johnnie Ray) - Johnny Ray
13. The Kids Last Fight (Frankie Laine) - Frankie Laine
14. Changing Partners (Kay Starr) - Kay Starr
15. Friends And Neighbours (Billy Cotton) - Billy Cotton
16. Someone Elses Roses (Joan Regan) - Joan Regan
17. Oh, Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely) (Four Knights) - The Four Knights
18. Wanted (Perry Como) - Perry Como
19. Cara Mia (David Whitfield With Mantovani and His Orchestra) - David Whitfield with Mantovani and His Orchestra
20. Idle Gossip (Perry Como) - Perry Como
21. Little Things Mean A Lot (Kitty Kallen) - Kitty Kallen
22. Three Coins In The Fountain (Frank Sinatra) - Frank Sinatra
23. The Little Shoemaker (Petula Clark) - Petula Clark
24. My Friend (Frankie Laine) - Frankie Laine
25. Black Hills Of Dakota (Doris Day) - Doris Day
Disc 2
1. Hold My Hand (Don Cornell) - Don Cornell
2. Smile (Nat King Cole) - Nat King Cole
3. West Of Zanzibar (Anthony Steele) - Anthony Steele
4. Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea (Max Bygraves) - Max Bygraves
5. The Story Of Tina (Al Martino) - Al Martino
6. Sway (Dean Martin) - Dean Martin
7. If I Give My Heart To You (Doris Day) - Doris Day
8. Sh-Boom (The Crewcuts) - The Crew Cuts
9. Make Her Mine (Nat King Cole) - Nat King Cole
10. There Must Be A Reason (Frankie Laine) - Frankie Laine
11. My Son, My Son (Vera Lynn) - Vera Lynn
12. This Ole House (Rosemary Clooney) - Rosemary Clooney
13. How Do You Speak To An Angel (Dean Martin) - Dean Martin
14. Rain, Rain, Rain (Frankie Laine and The Four Lads) - Frankie Laine and The Four Lads
15. I Need You Now (Eddie Fisher) - Eddie Fisher
16. Endless (Dickie Valentine) - Dickie Valentine
17. Santo Natale (David Whitfield) - David Whitfield
18. No One But You (Billy Eckstine) - Billy Eckstine
19. A Sky Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie (Norman Brooks) - Norman Brooks
20. Sh-Boom (Stan Freberg and The Toads) - Stan Freberg and The Toads
21. Lets Have Another Party: a) Somebody Stole My Girl, b) I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight, c) When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bobbin Along, d) Bye Bye Blackbird, e) The Sheik Of Araby (Winifred Atwell) - Winifred Atwell
22. I Still Believe (Ronnie Hilton) - Ronnie Hilton
23. Heartbeat (Ruby Murray) - Ruby Murray
24. Papa Loves Mambo (Perry Como) - Perry Como
25. Mr Sandman (The Chordettes) - The Chordettes

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