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Track List:
Disc 1
1. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (FRANK SINATRA) - Frank Sinatra
2. With All My Heart (PETULA CLARK) - Petula Clark
3. Love Letters In The Sand (PAT BOONE) - Pat Boone
4. No Flowers For My Lady (DILL JONES TRIO) - Dill Jones Trio
5. Just A Souvenir (REGGIE GOFF) - Reggie Goff
6. Why Should I Care (MAXINE DANIELS) - Maxine Daniels
7. I Cried For You (VIC DAMONE) - Vic Damone
8. Love Me Forever (MARION RYAN) - Marion Ryan
9. The Velvet Glove (GERALDO and HIS ORCHESTRA) - Geraldo and His Orchestra
10. The Gift Of Love (BOB DALE) - Bob Dale
11. Mr Wonderful (RUBY MURRAY) - Ruby Murray
12. A Weaver Of Dreams (DANNY WILLIAMS) - Danny Williams
13. Tammy (DEBBIE REYNOLDS) - Debbie Reynolds
14. When The Stars Go To Sleep (BILL McGUFFIE (piano)) - Bill McGuffie
15. The In-Between Age (SHEILA BUXTON) - Sheila Buxton
16. If I Had Wings (DAVID HUGHES) - David Hughes
17. April In Portugal (GERALDO and HIS ORCHESTRA) - Geraldo and His Orchestra
18. I Could Have Told You (FRANK SINATRA) - Frank Sinatra
19. Sincerely (JILL DAY) - Jill Day
20. With These Hands (ROBERTO CARDINALI) - Roberto Cardinali
21. My Prayer (EDNA SAVAGE) - Edna Savage
22. April Love (PAT BOONE) - Pat Boone
23. Crazy (ADELAIDE HALL) - Adelaide Hall
24. Ecstacy (GERALDO and HIS ORCHESTRA) - Geraldo and His Orchestra
25. No Not Much (PAULINE SHEPHERD) - Pauline Shepherd
Disc 2
1. Someone (JOHNNY MATHIS) - Johnny Mathis
2. May You Always (JOAN REGAN) - Joan Regan
3. Around The World (BING CROSBY) - Bing Crosby
4. Holiday Affair (JILL DAY) - Jill Day
5. Moon Over Malaya (REGGIE GOFF) - Reggie Goff
6. Unsuspecting Heart (ANITA ELLIS) - Anita Ellis
7. The Flirt (ROBERT FRENCH and HIS ORCHESTRA) - Robert French and His Orchestra
8. London Is A Village (MAXINE DANIELS) - Maxine Daniels
9. Three Coins In The Fountain (FRANK SINATRA) - Frank Sinatra
10. Now And Forever (ALMA WARREN) - Alma Warren
11. Summertime In Venice (RON GOODWIN and HIS ORCHESTRA) - Ron Goodwin and His Orchestra
12. Life s Desire (HARRY DAWSON) - Harry Dawson
13. All My Life (GERALDO and HIS ORCHESTRA) - Geraldo and His Orchestra
14. Lady Wendy (DILL JONES TRIO) - Dill Jones Trio
15. Dearly Beloved (ROBERTO CARDINALI) - Roberto Cardinali
16. You Made Me Love You (NAT KING COLE) - Nat King Cole
17. Taking A Chance On Love (JO STAFFORD) - Jo Stafford
18. When I Am With You (JOHNNY MATHIS) - Johnny Mathis
19. The Italian Theme (CYRIL STAPLETON and HIS ORCHESTRA) - Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra
20. One Blade Of Grass (BOB DALE) - Bob Dale
21. A Fool In Love (BILLY ECKSTINE) - Billy Eckstine
22. True Love (JEAN CAMPBELL) - Jean Campbell
23. It s Happened Again (SARAH VAUGHAN) - Sarah Vaughan
24. I ll Never Have A Sweetheart (MATT MONRO) - Matt Monro
25. Another Spring (DENNIS LOTIS) - Dennis Lotis

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