Nathan Carter - Stayin' Up All Night [CD]

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Liverpool-born, Irish country music phenomenon Nathan Carter announces the release of his first album in the UK, \u2018Stayin Up All Night\u2019, on April 29th through Decca Records. The new release follows Nathan\u2019s enormous success in Ireland, where the 26 year-old has had three number one albums, two number one singles and two number one live DVDs, making him nothing short of a household name. His last album \u2018Beautiful Life\u2019 has been certified 4-times platinum and he even had his own Christmas TV special on RTE last year.\r
Stayin\u2019 Up All Night features 13 tracks of Nathan\u2019s trademark modern country sound, and will be preceded by the single \u2018Temple Bar\u2019, a paen to the streets of Dublin\u2019s famous party district, on xxx. The single choice is an appropriate introduction, as Nathan\u2019s music is all about the party. From album opener Wanna Dance, Skinny Dippin\u2019, Wontcha Come Down, Two Doors Down, God Time Girls and the aforementioned Temple Bar, Nathan provides the soundtrack to one hell of a night out. \r
Balanced with mid-tempo numbers like Island Town, Buy Me A Rose and Liverpool, there\u2019s a gentle side to the album, with a touch of nostalgia to ease you though the morning after. Don\u2019t Know Lonely is a huge ballad, while Banks of the Roses is a traditional stomper, revealing Nathan\u2019s fiddles-and-accordion Irish folk roots. The album rounds off with the beautifully personal Thank You.\r

1. Wanna Dance

2. Temple Bar

3. Skinny Dippin'

4. Island Town

5. Wontcha Come Down

6. Buy Me A Rose

7. Two Doors Down

8. Young To See

9. Liverpool

10. Good Time Girls

11. Don't Know Lonely

12. Banks Of The Roses

13. Thank You

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